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Printing a PDF file from Accountz on Ubuntu Linux Workstation

Posted by shillier 

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Printing a PDF file from Accountz on Ubuntu Linux Workstation
November 22, 2011 01:17AM
In order not to print out documents from Accountz you might want to create and send invoices, statements etc to your clients as a PDF file attached to an email.
Firstly I used a pdf converter called cups-pdf. This is available in the Ubuntu repositories or if you prefer to use the command line
Open a terminal
at the prompt type "sudo apt-get install cups-pdf"
You will need to enter the administrator password when prompted.
When you now run Accountz (or any other program) you will see a new printer in the printer drop down list called "PDF".
When you now want to create a PDF from a document choose this PDF printer and let it print.
If you do not specify a destination folder you will find your document in /home/pdf. If you have named it and specified the destination path look there for your file.
You can now attach that file to an email and send it to your client.

NOTE. Do not be tempted to click the "Print to File" option in the printer properties window. In our experience a file will be created but it will not be readable in Adobe Acrobat Reader. You will get a file corrupted error message.
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